Monday, January 17, 2011

Large Hand Built Owl and Moon Vase

I had an order for a large (14 inches tall) custom order vase and I thought it would be fun to document the process. I am always learning so feel free to leave comments and suggestions!
Here is the finished vase before sanding and final tweaks. I freakin' LOVE it!
I use a pvc pipe to wrap the clay around. I put paper over it or else the clay sticks.
All stamps are in. Sprigs will go on after the slab is on the form. If the sprigs go on now they may get squashed if I drop or handle the slab too rough. I found out the hard way. My 1st attempt yielded a squished owl.
Oh stamps how I love you so! I make the majority of my stamps.
The slab is on the pipe (side view). I slip and scored the edges 1st.
Owl and moon sprigs are added. I slip and score them on. I am a sucker for texture so I stamp stars into the owl scene using my husbands screwdriver heads below.
Love these!

I add buttons to the back

I let it set up for an hour or so, then I place the cylinder on a slab of clay, cut out a circle bigger than the base and fold it over the top of the bottom. I reinforce the inside with coils of clay along the seams. This is going to be glazed in red. Like this one...


  1. this is so lovely. i've been learning to use stamps more and you're one of the influences i've "studied".